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Tech Support Request Form

KACHO Service Desk


At KACHO we always try to make it easy for our clients to get on with their work whilst passing the burden of solving their tech issues with us.

Please use this form to inform us about the issues you are having and one of our support staff will contact you within 12 hours.

Tier 2 Support: For troubleshooting or assessment of your network infrastructure

Network Connectivity Issues: Internet Connection or Network

Hardware Issues: Issues with desktop and laptop computers, monitors, projectors, mobile device or tablet.

Software Issues: Software related issues, requiring installations, reconfiguration, issues with corrupt file, etc.

Backup & Maintenance: Creation and storing copies of data to protect organizations against data loss. Also referred to as operational recovery.


You may want to get your business systems for communications (e.g. internet calls or meetings) or storage using our cloud service.

Use the icon to complete our "cloud readiness assessment form"

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KACHO, your trusted Tech Support in Freetown Sierra Leone

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