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Technology Consultancy

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With technology now critical to helping drive corporate strategy and ensuring it's success, we deliver on a unique strategy to consulting services with an understanding of the realities of what technology can do for businesses, Government and Non-Government organisations in Sierra Leone.​

​Here are a couple of assurances we can offer you;

  • Focus on growing your business – as we handle your technology concerns

  • Reduce stress – with our professional expertise and technology at predictable cost.

  • Be more productive – with minimal disruption to your work time you.

  • Safeguard your business with our IT security expertise – your business data and network will be safe and secure with us.

Our reputation is built upon solving complex business problems to provide reliable and scalable business solutions. We achieve these through a combination of having a good understanding of the requirements of our clients and using modern IT and project management techniques, standard software engineering and best business practices.

We understand that our customers will always come back to us and are more likely to recommend us if we treat them right. We partner with our clients becoming part of their support team. We work beside you to ensure you have a strategy that allows you to transform your Information infrastructure to keep up with the needs of your organization and your users.

Our Consultancy Services

Young Programmer

Computer Networking
& Internet Access

Our engineers are experiences in setting up LANs, MANs and WANs, using cable and or wireless networking solutions.


We partner with Fiber cable ISP operators to provide fiber to premise where there is fiber location.

We also have SIM operated devices for premises that do not have fiber locations. CPEs and WiFis for businesses,

and MiFis for personal use.

Business Intelligence & Data Science

Kacho specializes in assisting companies and NGOs/CSOs with data-driven decision-making.


We provide comprehensive services, including data collection, analysis, mining, and business intelligence reporting. 

A dedicated field team manages the entire process, from community mobilization to awareness campaigns. Real-time data analysis is conducted using cutting-edge reporting applications.

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& Cloud Services

We supply and install market ready software with licences as well as offering Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS for short, to our clients, a technology solution as a  cloud-based method of providing software to users.

Software requirements vary depending on the usage requirements, so we also offer custom-built software applications to our clients on-demand. (See Software Applications)

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