KACHO Solution is dedicated to delivering seamless security for stakeholders by empowering the team to manage risk and provide proactive, innovative, and resilient solutions.

Consultancy Services

Strengthen information security risk management for our client by integrating systems and data sources to improve coverage and transparency; promoting informed business decisions through earlier engagement and a more complete risk profile at the enterprise, line of business, and asset levels.


Understand the business and the core business processes, identify process-related risks, and identify the critical technologies that support

core business processes.


Security Awareness Training

One of our primary focus on cyber security training is to reduce risk of data loss and security incidents by providing the necessary controls and processes for the end-to-end workforce life-cycle.


Regular training is particularly necessary in an organisation to ensure that each employee has a full understanding of the dangers facing the company, knows how to recognise an attack, and is aware of the procedure should the company be breached.

Information Protection

We will enforce information protection by reviewing the location and status of the company data and associated security controls to ensure the Effectiveness of the controls in place.

We promise to protect your data against accidental mistakes, attacks and insider risk — across the organisation, phishing email, anti-virus software, backup software etc.


Infrastructure & Application Security

We will Improve the security posture of your company by applying infrastructure security control to balance business needs and the need to maintain and protect the company assets. 

Our application security policies and procedures encompasses measures taken to improve the security of an application often by finding, fixing and preventing security vulnerabilities.