he mobile electronic side is the business is trading as KachoTel. Our partners in Asia are manufacturers of all brand phones from the factory, we will have our own quality testing person on the factory floor.

The corporate mission of the Group, medium term, is to become one of the top distributors of mobile communication hardware, contents and related accessories in the West African Region.

The phones in our portfolio are top quality smartphones and feature phones from experienced Asian manufacturer. Our target market is West African countries and Hong Kong in Asia.  In Hong Kong we are selling directly to wholesale distributors who sell mobile phones to mobile phone distributors who come to Hong Kong from across the world to buy mobile phones at Chungking Mansion in Tsim Sha Shui, Golden computers in Sham Shui Po for their respective markets. In Africa our customers include Telco service providers, local mobile phone distributors and retailers in high street.

We offer quality phones at competitive prices. Our customers can re-brand the phones they purchase from us to meet their expectations. For example, a telco Service provider (SierraTel/Africell) or a mobile phone distributor in a country wanting its own branded phones can have its company name (Salone CompanyABC) stamped on the back of the phone, inside the battery hatch of the phone and on the operating system when the phone boots up.

Business operation options in order of priority but not limited to this order.

  • Customer 1 Local Telco Service Providers: KachoTel supplies mobile phones local telco service providers who then sell the phones with their service plans to their customers. As stated above the Telcos can re-brand their phones as required.

  • Customer 2 Distributors in Hong Kong or West African country: KachoTel supplies local distributors at wholesale price directly or indirectly.  These distributors also have the option to re-brand the phones to their specification and sell their phones with airtime in their countries.

corporate position
Samsung 360 camera

Distribution and trading of mobile phones

Set out below are the our views of the mobile phone and e-commerce markets and of our overall business objectives from the 2017 to the year ending 31st December, 2019.

  1. Objectives

    • To get a portion of the our market in Sierra Leone as a leading mobile phone distributor in the country

    • To expand our mobile phone distribution network across the West African Region, thereby achieving horizontal growth of the Group’s business.

  2. Market potential

    • New subscribers - Research report conducted by the International Communications Union on the West African telecommunications market shows that mobile phone subscribers in the West African Region has been growing year on year and Mobile-broadband penetration in Africa reaches close to 20% in 2014, up from 2% in 2010. The ITU also concluded that by the end 2014, 55% of all mobile-broadband subscriptions are expected to be in the developing world, compared with only 20% in 2008., implying that there is large demand for mobile phones from new subscribers in the next few years.

    • Replacements - In addition to new subscribers, an increasing portion of the demand for mobile phones comes from existing subscribers, through the replacement of their mobile phones, either due to of the rapid technological change (e.g. advanced networks in the Sierra Leone) or the improvement in product design functions. The increasing subscription base and the evolution of new technologies (e.g. GPRS and 3G) has led us, the Directors, to believe that demand for mobile phones from replacements will grow exponentially over the next few years.

  3. Business strategies

    • Solicit additional distribution rights - The Group will continue to solicit additional distribution rights for different brands and models of mobile phones in the West African Region in the future.

    • Focus on upcoming brands of mobile phones with exclusive distribution rights - A key strategy of the Group’s mobile phone distribution business is to focus on upcoming brands of mobile phones with exclusive distribution rights.

    • Extension of distribution network - The Group plans to extend its distribution network by organising strategic alliance programs with local mobile phone retailers by establishing regional or representative offices in selected major cities in the West African countries.

    • Strengthening of market position - The Group intends to strengthen its market position through organic growth (i.e. opening branch networks and/or sales/marketing channels when necessary) and, when opportunity is available, through acquisition and/or formation of strategic alliances with other mobile phone distributors. 

    • Direct sale of bundled mobile phone packages - In the U.K., direct selling of mobile phones and mobile airtime in bundled packages through telemarketing and the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. We will encourage our partners and distributors to do the same.