Connected Bicycles - Bikecam with Wi-Fi and GPS Tracking

If you cycle on the road, do you feel uncomfortable/unsecured when you cannot see behind? According to League of America Cyclists, over 40% bike accident were struck from behind where cyclist can NOT see.

Here we introduce the world's first SAFE CYCLING REARVIEW CAMERA. The BikeCam connects to smartphones on handlebar, sees and records danger behind in real time! It is designed with 5 hours battery, 720P HD resolution, waterproof, supports dynamo and power bank, rubber paint and looks really smart.

We are working to incorporate unto the Bicycles, SIM based connectivity for tracking, cloud connectiivt solution for backing up of important video footage and images to the cloud, including GPS and Theft-proof.. Possible use cases could be for the Police on bikes or general cyclists needing to safely send videos to the cloud. Insurance companies are also part of the target group for this solution.



  • Wi-Fi App for Android and iOS smartphones

  • Allows rider to see vehicles behind 75 meters away on screen

  • 720P high resolution video quality display

  • Easy video recording and picture snap

  • Waterproof (IP65) for any weather conditions

  • High capacity Li-battery that can stay on for up to 5 hours

  • Supports power bank and dynamo back-up charge

  • Digital anti-interference design for group cyclist ride

There are 100 million bikes produced every year, over 1 billion bicycles totally in the whole world.It is a  Huge Market! We are looking for distributors from across the globe.

Sample order and product details request is very welcome! Contact us for an initial assessment and review of your requirements.