We sell smartphone wholesale to at very competitive prices. We work directly with several manufacturers in China and South Korea of all brand phones. and we have own quality analyst on the factory floor.

Our connected vehicle solutions lets you communicate and track your vehicles in real time. get diagnostics about your vehicle, read fuel consumption and lock your vehicle remotely.

Telecommunications and computer networking engineering are our core expertise. We pride ourselves in our expertise and diverse experience of of staff; certified internet security and  networking professionals


Our main focus is to get high quality, affordable and reliable technology to Africa.

With Kacho Solutions as your trusted consulting partner, you can rely on us to help you Increase productivity, generate revenue and improve on your customer's experience. 

We source up to date technology that is focused on business efficiency, increased productivity and security as the core of of business solutions, you can be assured to get more out of your IT investment. For example, our smart city initiative are designed for communities in cities, towns, sports venues, college campuses and corporate facilities to use technologies to better engage with citizens, residents and employees. Kacho Solutions can help you get there.

Here are a couple of assurances we can offer you;

  • Focus on growing your business – as we handle your technology concerns

  • Reduce stress – with our professional expertise and technology at predictable cost

  • Be more productive – with minimal disruption to your work time you

  • Safeguard your business with our IT security expertise – your business data and network will be safe and secure with us.

  • Some of our staff have worked as security experts in leading banks in Hong Kong and London